He gently whispered in her ear and said, “My Pleasure comes from giving you pleasure.”

Crème delish was born in Adelaide under the auspices of quarantine times and world pandemic when a freshly single hospitality business broker and Ice cream churner left the Sunshine Coast to visit his Mother in the Southern state.

He had not seen his Mother in years so the end of the world was a good excuse to spend quality time with her. Fit as he was, he would often jog the streets wearing no more than a pair of shorts and shoes when he caught the eye of an inquisitive widowed neighbor. He would often see her busily fluttering with tradesmen to little avail when one day, she peered across the fence as he stood in his mother’s garden wearing just a bath towel after his morning shower, claiming plumbing problems of the garden hose variety. Gallantly of course, he rushed to her peril and as they gently shook hands over the yellow recycling bin, they chatted candidly on how to save the world.

Over time, they swooned, played, and discovered intimate moments and her Euro finesse and style showed through that she was certainly a lady of Quality.

He told her of his experience of starting a boutique Ice cream business, which grew so quickly, he moved factories 3 times in seven years and attained many reviews, and then Sold it for a million dollars.

She hungered to try this nectar and as he pondered how to satisfy her lust, he quietly ordered the toys and ingredients to satisfy her inquisitiveness.

The Belgium Chocolate arrived as did the fresh Vanilla beans and as the warm Biodynamic cream was poured over the creamed Free-range egg yolks, you could see the salivation in her mouth in anticipation

He then gently cooked the mix and then allowed the flavours to subtly mature overnight.

As they rose the next day, and the blades of the churner shimmered under the light, the crème was poured and gently it folded over itself as it chilled to a creamy voluptuous texture.

He gracefully spooned a mound of speckled, aromatic Vanilla Ice cream and placed it on her lips, where she hesitated as she tasted and endured the slow mouth melt and she spoke….

“Ohh this is good ….”

He gently whispered in her ear and said, “My Pleasure comes from giving you pleasure.”